The Little Prince

Together with the Prince, the children will go on a journey to different planets and get to know their inhabitants. And most importantly, they will learn about such important things as love, friendship and loyalty …
And adults will once again remind you that you need to keep the child in yourself in order to see the world as beautiful, bright and cheerful, as children see it.

Director – U. Chaika
Artist – A. Voloshina


The Ukrainian hero Kotygoroshko represents the triumph of good over evil. He embodies the best Ukrainian virtues: resilience, intelligence, loyalty, family values, and most importantly, unearthly strength. On his way, he struggles with various difficulties, meets many mythical creatures, is betrayed by some “friends”, but at the end of the tale he still wins!

Director – S. Bryzhan
Artist – M. Yaremchuk
Composer – I.Pustovyi

The Fun Races On the Forest Glade

The play is based on the Ukrainian folk tale “The Hare and the Hedgehog”. Oh, you can’t be a braggart, otherwise you’ll be running around!

Director – O. Inozemtsev
Artist – V. Bezulia
Composer – V. Yakubovych

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

No obstacles could stop the brave Soldier. For the sake of the happiness of his friends, he did not stop even when he knew that he would die.

Director – S. Yefremov
Artist – V. Bezulia
Composer – L. Gorelik

The Swineherd And the Princess

The Swineherd arranged a wise test for the Princess. Are you curious about what the Princess will choose?

Director – I. Verbytskyi
Artist – L. Vishnevska